Working Party and Training Updates


Just 3 days to go.

Exciting isn’t it!  Just 5 days to go to our spring working party when between us we restore our cricket club to its customary high standards after the winter break

. Let’s face it: April’s a funny month. It’s neither one thing nor the other so what further reason do you need to pop down to Odiham and help out. 

There’s loads to do, not least fitting new netting, tidying the hedges, weed removal, getting the covers ready and so on.  I also need someone to volunteer to cook the bacon for the bacon rolls !

Seriously folks; this is important. Don’t assume others will do the work for you. There’s lots to do and if we don’t get enough help then this will impact the start of the season.


Our final indoor session at LWC is this Wednesday. Then, outdoor training for seniors and u15s will start at 6.30 on Wednesday 11th April (providing we get the nets done on the 7th). We’re hoping that Michael Bates will be running some fielding training for us , which will be good for all players,  not just our first teamers for whom this will be key.

More news to follow.