Grounds Are Ready

Working Party 2018a

As Chair of Cricket I’d like to thank the volunteers that came along to the working party on Saturday.


A group of approximately 20 volunteers representing all sections of the club worked incredibly hard to get most of the required jobs done. The site screens were constructed and positioned, the covers cleaned, weeds were cut, overhanging branches were trimmed, and the store cupboard was unrecognisable after being tidied up. Perhaps the toughest job of the day was to replace the netting in our three practice nets. A huge task involving lots of balancing on high ladders and co-ordinated pulling of ropes. This has almost been completed ; we did what we could in the time and with the people available.

I’m sure your huge efforts will be appreciated by the other members and players. Thanks also to Jill for keeping us going with bacon rolls.  

The club looks fantastic and we should all be proud.

 Working Party 2018c


Outdoor training starts on Wednesday at 6.30. As the nets aren’t yet ready for use this will primarily be fielding training only. 

Thanks once again.


Working Party 2018d

Working Party 2018b