All Stars 5 Star Award


The club is pleased to say that in its first year, OGCC has earned this amazing achievement and one of only 8 clubs out the 63 that ran Allstars to get this 5 star award.

 I wanted to say a massive thank you to the parents who took the time to fill out the questionnaire and give OGCC such great feedback in our first year.

So onwards and upwards for 2019!!

I’m going to be running Allstars again this year, but after our meeting last week I think OGCC can get more children and parents involved in cricket and our club.
Last year we had 40 children and turned away another 15 without advertising in our local schools. This WILL be changing for 2019 and I think we can get 60/80 children playing at OGCC.

To do this I’m going to need some help! Allstars require an Activator per 40 children, and at least 5/6 adults helping out. Where I need the help this year is to get another Activator; this requires a DBS check, a first aid course and the Activator training (about 3 hours on a Sunday). All of these things are far less time consuming than they sound, and I will be there alongside you during the process (I’ll need to do the course again too!).

If you are interested in becoming an Activator or helping out with Allstars this year please get in touch.
We will be asking for more assistance from parents at each session, so make sure you’ve got your throwing arms ready

Duncan Mills