Water Leak

Water Leak

As members may know, we have had a leak in the car park recently which has been reported to South East Water.

As a result, the water pressure to the Club’s facilities has been greatly reduced. As a precaution, the bar staff have been using bottled water and bought ice in case there has been any contamination caused by the drop in pressure.

An initial visit by contractors on Monday 1 April identified the leak, however, the tap head to the water main in King Street is missing and they were unable to isolate the water to carry out the repair. South East Water is now giving this high priority, however, the earliest they can replace the shut-off valve is Friday 5 April.

David Holden, our Facilities Manager, has arranged for a portable WC to be delivered to site later today so that we can reopen the club this evening and still run the quiz on Friday 5 April. Once the water main has been repaired we will sterilise the whole system as a precaution to ensure that we kill off any possible contamination from the leak.

I would like to extend my thanks to David and to Bruce Applin who have both helped to sort this issue out, and I thank members for their patience and understanding while the work is in progress.