OGCC – Members’ Survey

OGCC – Members’ Survey

I want to thank all members of the Club who responded to the recent survey. This was the first time that I can remember having such a survey, and it

was good to hear the views of members, their suggestions for improvements and in many cases their appreciation of what the Club is already doing. As a Management Committee, we have begun to go through the survey results, to understand them, think about them, and make plans for action.

At our meeting on 13 June we started reviewing your responses. A table of the responses overall is shown below. We covered to some degree all the areas asked about, but there were 2 areas where members clearly said they would like to see change more than others: communications, and the bar.

Communication is a theme that comes up often in surveys of all sorts as needing improvement. There will always be more that we could do, and different ways in which we can do it. We accept the need, as a Committee, to review both these questions and come up with a plan to change things. In changing how and what we communicate there will be a balance to be struck, so that we do not overload members with communications. Similarly, the method of communication – e mail, website, twitter, Facebook, or notice board – was a topic on which many expressed their views.

We will not necessarily get the changes right straight away. To make sure that this reaches the widest audience, for example, it will be posted on the website. But there will also be a twitter message with a link to it, a Facebook post, an all member e mail and a copy on the Club notice board. I am not promising that absolutely everything will go out in every format in the future, but I hope you get the point – we are live to the fact that different people pick up news in different ways. We also need to remember that some members do not use these forms of communication and still rely on post. It is not a simple job to get all this right.

In terms of what we communicate, there was an appetite for a more regular news briefing, and something which gives an update on all aspects of the Club, not just cricket. This would be a great idea, but it needs writing. Are there any volunteers out there who would be interested in helping with this? Every Club like ours needs those vital people who are prepared to give their time for the good of all – please let me know if you are interested.

The second theme that came out was regarding the bar. Whilst the majority of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the bar, around 30% were dissatisfied in some way. Bruce is producing an action plan to improve these scores, which the Management Committee will review progress on at our meetings. Those members who expressed dissatisfaction with the bar should expect to see changes, but please remember that some things take time to change. This is not an excuse for putting off things – just a realistic acceptance that not everything can be changed quickly.

A further item from the survey which gave me pause for thought was the number of members who did not agree that other members’ behavior at the bar was friendly. Although it is not a large number, the figure is too high for comfort. We all need to be aware that our behavior, both what we do and what we do not do, is important. I urge you all to help me in improving this measure in the future.

These were not by any means the only items we discussed out of the survey, but they were the ones where the scores suggested most improvement was needed. Cricket generally appears to be in good shape which is pleasing although there are areas where we can improve further.

I thank you again for participating in the survey. The Management Committee will review the actions we have come up with on a regular basis. I will report back to members by the end of August on progress against these. In the meantime, the Management Committee remains open to suggestions – and also to people who are keen to get involved further!

Ed Hellings



General questions

Please tell us about your current relationship with OGCC?

Senior Playing Member (aged 16 or over): 32 (19.88%)

Social Member: 72 (44.72%)

Colts parent: 36 (22.36%)

Staff member: 5 (3.11%)

Former Member: 12 (7.45%)

I hire it for functions: 4 (2.48%)

Over the last two years how would you describe the frequency you have visited the clubhouse?

More frequently: 31 (23.31%)

Less frequently: 38 (28.57%)

About the Same: 64 (48.12%)

Please tell us how you rate the value for money of the current membership fees?

Excellent value for money: 14 (10.53%)

Good value for money: 33 (24.81%)

About Right: 70 (52.63%)

Poor value for money: 15 (11.25%)

Very poor value for money: 1 (0.75%)



Please tell us how you rate the level and quality of communications from the club?


Very Good: 5 (3.9%)

Good: 21 (16.67%)

About right: 40 (31.75%)

Could be better: 47 (37.30%)

Very Poor: 13 (10.32%)

Do you think communications from the club have got better or worse over the last two years?

Much better: 4 (3.17%)

Better: 32 (25.40%)

About the same: 70 (55.56%)

Worse: 12 (9.52%)

Much worse: 8 (6.35%)

The club has two websites: A) odihamandgreywell.play-cricket.com B) odiham-greywell.cc Which website do you use as your primary source of information about the club?


Odihamandgreywellplay-cricket.co.uk: 24 (18.90%)

Odiham-greywell.cc: 46 (36.22%)

Neither: 57 (44.48%)

Across the two websites, how satisfied are you with the regularity of news updates?

n/a: 49 (38.58%)

Very satisfied: 5 (3.94%)

It’s about right: 36 (28.35%)

Unsatisfied: 32 (25.20%)

Very unsatisfied: 5 (3.94%)

Should the club do more to improve communications with its members?

Yes: 56 (44.44%)

No: 28 (22.22%)

Not sure: 42 (33.33%)

Playing and Coaching


As a senior player does the club provide sufficient opportunities to play league cricket fixtures?

n/a: 74 (60.66%)

Yes: 44 (36.07%)

No: 4 (3.28%)

As a senior player does the club provide suitable opportunities to play non-league, friendly fixtures e.g. Sundays?

n/a: 74 (62.30%)

Yes: 39 (31.97%)

No: 7 (5.74%)

How confident do you feel that the club will provide suitable opportunities for my son/daughter to play senior cricket?

n/a: 49 (40.16%)

Very confident: 28 (22.95%)

Confident: 31 (25.41%)

Not confident: 4 (3.28%)

Not at all confident: 2 (1.64%)

Not sure: 8 (6.56%)

How satisfied are you with the access to coaching at the club? (i.e. is coaching available for you or your child when needed)

n/a: 45 (36.89%)

Very Satisfied: 24 (19.67%)

Satisfied: 44 (36.07%)

Dissatisfied: 9 (7.38%)

How satisfied are you with the quality of coaching available at the club?

n/a@ 48 (39.34%)

Very Good: 25 (20.49%)

Fully meets needs: 41 (33.61%)

Dissatisfied: 8 (6.56%)

How confident are you that the club are fully inclusive in the cricket playing and coaching opportunities to all people, irrespective of background or ability?

Very good: 23 (18.85%)

Good: 45 (36.89%)

Adequate: 30 (24.59%)

Slightly unconfident: 20 (16.39%)

Not at all confident: 4 (3.28%)

The Clubhouse and Bar


On average how often do you visit the bar. Please answer for both in and closed season.

In Season:

Once a month: 18

Less than once a month: 24

At least once a week: 46

More than once a week: 33

Out of season:

Once a month: 77

Less than once a month: 18

At least once a week: 10

More than once a week: 16

Considering your response above, please tell us if over the last two years your if the frequency of visits has

Increased: 21 (17.36%)

Declined: 42 (34.71%)

Stayed the same: 58 (47.93%)

On average, based on your last few experiences how would you rate the quality of service at the bar

Excellent: 52 (42.98%)

Good: 28 (23.14%)

Average: 12 (9.92%)

Slightly poor: 14 (11.57%)

Very Poor: (15 (12.40%)

The bar staff are friendly and welcoming


Strongly agree: 47 (38.84%)

Agree: 28 (23.14%)

Neither agree/disagree: 9 (7.44%)

Disagree: 19 (15.70%)

Strongly disagree: 18 (14.88%)

The behavior of other members in the bar is friendly and welcoming

Strongly agree: 16 (13.22%)

Agree: 51 (42.15%)

Neither agree/disagree: 35 (28.93%)

Disagree: 17 (14.05%)

Strongly disagree: 2 (1.65%)

How would you rate the cleanliness and overall state of the clubhouse, including bar area, toilets, kitchen etc?

Very good: 46 (38.02%)

Good: 45 (37.19%)

Adequate: 24 (19.83)

Poor: 5 (4.13%)

Very poor: 1 (0.83%)

How would you rate the facilities of the club?


Very Good




Very poor



















Car Parking






Statements about the Club


I would recommend Odiham Cricket Club to others

Strongly agree: 45 (38.14%)

Agree: 52 (44.07%)

Neither agree/disagree: 12 (10.17%)

Slightly disagree: 8 (6.78%)

Strongly disagree: 1 (0.85%)

Odiham Cricket Club is a friendly and welcoming place to be.


Strongly agree: 31 (26.27%)

Agree: 43 (36.44%)

Neither agree/disagree: 27 (22.88%)

Slightly disagree: 11 (9.32%)

Strongly disagree: 6 (5.08%)

Odiham Cricket Club listens to the views of its members and acts on feedback for improvement


Strongly agree: 9 (7.69%)

Agree: 28 (23.93%)

Neither agree/disagree: 39 (33.33%)

Slightly disagree: 23 (19.66%)

Strongly disagree: 18 (15.8%)