U9C Match Report vs Overton away

The U9cs were captained by Henry Janaway. We lost the toss and were put in to bat. We had a very mixed team of experience and ability and the more senior players definitely showed the way.

We were only out 4 times. Three folk were bowled and one run-out (My Thomas). Thats pretty good as every wicket is -5 runs. Oli Kimber definitely ate his weetabix and launched a few glorious boundaries to score 20. His top score with me. Every single batsmen scored runs and started getting used to calling yes, no, wait, or all 3 together.

Henry Janaway finished the innings off beautifully with some big hitting - 2 of which were one bounce to the boundary. He score 21. Thats also the top score I have seen him get. (i saw Oli and Henry a fair bit last year). We scored a formidable total of 299, which was likely to be too much for the opposition. We bowled well as a team and got 10 wickets (i.e. -50 runs!), which is a great achievement.

Some particular highlights were Danield Corfield getting 2 wickets in a row. Freddie Tristam (2nd match this w/e) also got 2 wickets in a row - one by a fantastic catch by Oli Kimber. Thomas McArt got one wicket (2nd match this w/e). Oli Kimber also bowled well - net score of -1 and got a fantastic run out.

My Thomas bowled no extras with two wickets for a net total of -7 and also got a good catch. Monty Cross bowled the only wicket maiden over of the match - awesome over. At the end - they finished on 218 and we won by 81 runs. Well done all. Great start

The TMS champagne moment went to Freddie Tristam. Bowling is not easy. Especially when you start. But Freddie bowled a couple of full straight balls and got his first two wickets with them - smiles all round. Well done Freddie.

U9C Match Report vs Overton away - Sunday 1st May by Jonny Orange