U9B beat Hook

Well done to the U9 B’s for their strong win against Hook at the weekend.
The final team was:
Finn B-G
Toby S
Miles R
Tom J
Rhys P
Sam J
Daniel W
Edward T
Finn was captain for the day and won the toss, electing to field first (which
was in part to help Hook who were still waiting for a player or two to arrive).
The whole team have made great strides forward in all aspects of the game and in particular those where we have been focussing – backing up when fielding, calling clearly when batting – and it really showed this weekend.
When fielding, we took 5 wickets including some great bowling from Finn who took two wickets and ended up with a net [-5] to his name, and a superb run out from Miles, who threw the ball in and hit the wicket while there was a bit of confusion over some calling on a run from Hook.  Rhys and Daniel also took excellent wickets.  This was Daniel’s first time playing in this team and he bowled really well.
After the 16 overs Hook had set us a target of 248 for the win.
It was our second batting pairing which really got us charging with Miles and Tom putting on an excellent number of boundaries between them.  Many commented on Miles’ textbook cover drive, off which he scored at least 3 fours.  This pairing took us to 245 with four batsmen to play and that is also taking into account the completely unfair dismissal I felt compelled to give against my own son, when the bowl was blatantly a no-ball.  (OK I felt sorry for the other team as it was going to be a whitewash and I agreed with the other umpire from the start we were going to be “generous” about the bowling / no balls due to the standard of some of their guys).
The other pair I have to mention is Rhys and Sam, who between them scored a superb net 55 with Sam making two 6’s.  I also want to say to Rhys that I was convinced his “6” that I gave was actually a 6, even though I conceded to the opposing umpire, who was standing a couple of meters away from where it landed and said it was a 4.  Several afterwards said they too were convinced it was over the boundary, but he was closer and again, we were winning convincingly by that point so not worth worrying about other than I do feel Rhys deserved it, because it was a cracking shot!
We went on to score a total of 345.  In other words, a win by nearly 100 runs, and had I not been harsh on my own son and had we got the 3rd umpire on that 6, we would have been well over!  The real positive was that it was largely as a result of some excellent batting and not just extras from Hook.
I want to partially redeem myself by awarding a joint man of the match to Miles and to Sam.  Sam’s batting was awesome, and he had plenty of “dot” bowls.  Likewise, Miles scored a lot of boundaries and runs, was only really out once(!), bowled really efficiently and also did that excellent run out…. Plus he has started getting the confidence to call properly when batting (been listening to Toby no doubt!).  Well done both and well done all for a really good match.
Thanks to those helping, especially to Caroline for the half time sustenance and to Charlie for scoring.