U9B's Vs Hartley Wintney Friday 26th June 6.00pm

Well done to OGC U9B’s for an excellent result this evening against Hartley Wintney with a win by an incredible 390 vs 251 – a win by 139 runs
The team for this evening’s match was:
  1. Toby S
  2. Henry J
  3. Oliver G
  4. Miles R
  5. Tom J (Capt)
  6. Rhys P
  7. Luke B
  8. Ethan R
HW won the toss and elected to bat first.  We bowled overall relatively well but it’s fair to say our concentration in the field wasn’t quite up to its usual standard – perhaps the result of a long day at school and this being the first evening match.  Most of our wickets came from catches and run outs, and without a doubt the moment of the match was a one handed catch, arm stretched, about a cm above the ground, by Rhys P.  Henry J was our most economic bowler of the evening with the only maiden over and his other being a net -1 after taking a wicket.  Unfortunately where we really lost our focus today was throwing into the wicket, where for some reason – and all were equally culpable – the team all decided in their eagerness to run out the opposition that throwing the ball at the wicket as hard as possible from 5 meters away was the thing to do, and it resulted in us giving away at least 5 over throw 4’s.  Never mind, because they all redeemed themselves when it came to the batting……
Everyone did well when it came to batting.  The calling and the opportunistic running was excellent – a little too keen in some cases, but the result was sure fairly early on.  There were, as you might imagine with a score like this, a huge about of boundaries, which was all the more impressive given the very large boundary.  The boys quickly realised that the ground was sloping in one direction and that was the direction to hit the balls!  Top scores came from Henry with 25, Miles with 30 and Rhys with an incredible 59.  After his definite 6 last week (which we couldn’t give) I wanted to give him the one which was about as close as it gets today, but parents on the boundary assured me it was a foot short – sorry Rhys and maybe next week!
With his excellent batting and awesome catch, Rhys has to be our man of the match.  Awesome performance!