U9B beat Dogmersfield

Well done to the Under 9B’s who put in another excellent performance to win today at home against Dogmersfield by just 9 runs with 324 runs to 315.
The team was:
  1. Edward T
  2. Freddie P
  3. Miles R
  4. Ethan R
  5. Toby S
  6. Heston G
  7. Jack W
  8. Luke B
Miles was captain for the day, and after the toss we ended up batting first.  We were playing on the pitch nearest the clubhouse today, and the boundary is shorter than the boys are used to, so whilst it benefitted both teams, we were hoping for a reasonable score….
The outstanding batting performances came from Freddie and Miles who both top scored equally with 21. Miles had a steadier innings with 5 4’s and a single, and with a clean sheet, but Freddie, who was paired with Edward at the start, had the more dramatic innings.  Both scored 4’s – Edward on the first ball of the match, and then Freddie went on to score a couple of 6’s with some beautifully timed shots.  However, both Edward and Freddie had to face by a long way Dogmersfield’s best all round player and lost a few wickets as a result.  Heston, Jack and Luke were all very consistent and at the end of our innings, we had scored 324.  Plenty of boundaries including Ethan and I must mention that Luke too scored a lovely 6.  A good total, and I think the boys felt they had a good chance at the win.
The key to winning the match was sharp fielding, and making sure we didn’t make the same mistakes as last week (over throwing and giving away 4’s) given the short boundary.  The boys listened and really thought about their fielding and were much more accurate and sensible when it came to throwing in.  There was also some excellent fielding from Freddie and Jack, both with great boundary saves.  After Edward’s excellent initial spell, where he took a couple of plum bowled wickets plus an incredible caught behind by the very sharp reacting Freddie the team felt the win was well within reach, especially as Jack also caught an excellent lofted shot to midwicket off Freddie too.  Miles, Toby, Ethan and Heston all bowled well, not giving away much – particularly Ethan – but started to suffer a little from the close boundary, with a few shots from them beginning to hit 4’s and 6’s. 
When it came to our last pair of bowlers, Jack and Luke, Dogmersfield still only had 245 and so the boys clearly felt the win was well within reach.  However, we hadn’t reckoned on the one Dogmersfield player who was clearly outstanding and the moment he came in started peppering boundaries.  When it came to the last over Luke was bowling and if the one Dogmersfield player ended up facing too much, the win was within reach for them, but Luke held his nerve and bowled really well for that last over.  Well done to both Jack and Luke who didn’t lose heart despite facing that exceptional Dogmersfield batsman.
At the end of that tight last over, Dogmersfield scored 315, meaning we won by just 9 runs.  After this win we are fighting for 3rd in the league (1st and 2nd spots are not within reach). With probably only one game left this season.
My man of the match today goes to Freddie for his all-round performance – exciting batting, joint top scoring, his effective bowling and his lightning reactions to catch out behind the wicket off Edward’s bowl.
Thanks very much to Keith for scoring – the cards are attached – and to the Bramleys for match tea.  
There isn’t currently a match planned for next week, although, given our position in the league, I am trying to rearrange the two which were cancelled due to rain that I have not yet been able to rearrange – however it is looking challenging to get a slot which works for everyone, so our last match this season may be the one against Alton in 2 weeks’ time.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend….