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Torquay 2019


We are pleased to announce that we have secured the hotel and all the fixtures for the 9th outing to Torquay!

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All Stars 5 Star Award


The club is pleased to say that in its first year, OGCC has earned this amazing achievement and one of only 8 clubs out the 63 that ran Allstars to get this 5 star award.

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OGCC at the Long Range Rifle World Championships


OGCC now boasts not one but two international marksmen. Alfie Hellings was selected for the GB under 21 team at the Worid Championships in Trentham, New Zealand and joins Charles Brooks who has previously shot for and captained the senior GB side. Charles is also at Trentham as a coach for the GB Veterans.

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A Message from the Chairman

The Club website has not been correctly displaying various items over the past few weeks, in particular the Club Constitution and records of meeting minutes in the Documents section.

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