T20 cup game vs Royal Wootton Basset

22 Jun 2023

Match report T20 cup game vs Royal Wootton Basset

Royal Wootton Basset 7/103 (Toosey 3/17 Blackwell 1/5 Patten-hall 1/22) def by OGCC 6/107 (Cook 29 Horne 29 Orr 14*)

Hangover count: 0

Total hangover count: 5

A road trip out to Swindon was what awoke our team of cricketers on Sunday morning. Tunes playing, snacks consumed and chats had all before we reached the ground. Our lucky pigeon came along for the journey as well!! (Name suggestions would be greatly appreciated). A very consistent Becky Hartnett lost the toss (0/6 go Becky we must be nearing a record now) and we were sent into field.

Billie and Madeline opened the bowling from either end. We decided to give the batters a couple lives, as we missed a few chances in the first three overs. This team only plays T20 cricket and you can tell. They wanted to hit the ball hard. Billie felt like she didn’t want to be nice anymore so decided to bowl an absolute seed to get the opener out. Not too long after they tried to take a quick single to Lottie, who wasn’t ever in a million years going to let them. Clean pick up and throw right back into Kaitlyn and we had our second wicket with a very confident run out. I would personally never take a single to lotties arm but they wanted to give it a go and see what would happen. Madeline took a clean catch at point off emily’s bowling for the 3rd wicket and they were 3/30 with the opener still in. Some more good bowling from emily and skipper Becky and we had a quick drinks break at 10 overs. After this our sharpened up our fielding a lot from this point, with the standards much closer to what they usually are. Georgia Toosey came into bowl on her 1XI debut and made an impact right away, with a great catch by Emily at cover. Georgia decided she was having so much fun she decided to take another wicket and bowl the next batter. Their opener was still in and we must have been enjoying her company and we were giving out lives like how Oprah gives out cars. Lottie came on from the other end and the young guns continued to tear it up. I can’t remember if it was lotties first or second ball, but it was hit right to charlotte at square leg who swiftly took the catch. Georgia wanted to take one more with an absolute grab from Kaitlyn behind the stumps and her super quick reaction got us another wicket. Their 8 and 9 batted out the rest of the innings and tried to give everything a good whack with the amazing field placements from Becky blocking up most of the runs. Royal Wootton Basset ended up 7/103 off 20 overs, very chaseable for the girls.

A quick turnaround and before we knew it Princess Sophia and Hope Horne were walking out to the middle. A fast start took the pressure off straight away, with Sophie finding the boundary from the start and Hope running the smart singles until she got her eye in. They batted really nicely together and pushed the field out right away, yet still managing the nicely hit the gaps. It would’ve been a pain to set the field for cause where ever you moved a fielder they would just hit it somewhere else. Sophie unluckily got one that hit the seam and bowled her, bringing myself into bat. We kept it ticking along nicely for a while before Hope thought I was Shelly-Anne Fraser-price and called a mega quick single through, with myself being a long way out. Hope and Kaitlyn had a nice partnership in the middle with Hope finding some good rhythm and Kaitlyn playing herself in well. We then decided to be a bit silly and stress out everyone watching. Hope tried to run a second but was run out with the score 3/96. Billie then caught second ball. Georgia bowled first ball. Emily lbw second ball. We lost 3 wicket very quickly and stress was had quickly appeared. It was like the plague everyone was dropping like flies but quite unessesarily as we had 6 overs to score 10 runs. Charlotte and Kaitlyn were then in with not many runs to go. We needed calm not chaos. Everyone was nearly having a heart attack while watching. Cricket is a very simple game that everyone insists on making complicated. But the girls knew what to do. Kaitlyn hit a lovely boundary off leg stump to secure us the victory in the 15th over.

After an interesting game of cricket, and a backwards order but we got teas after event though it was a t20 game!! I think the highlight was the donuts with rainbow sprinkles and the cupcakes that had caramel inside them. Thanks Royal Wootton Basset, we greatly appreciate the teas!!

Panini list

1. Hunters chicken 

2. Mexican paninis 

3. Chicken tikka masala 

4. Cheeseburger 

5. Classic ham and cheese