Winter Nets

Winter Nets
5 Jan 2023

Now that the New Year is almost upon us, it is time to turn our minds (and bodies) to indoor winter training and it begins next week for all sections of the club.

Given the strong playing membership numbers there will be 2 weekly senior sessions as per last year.

Thursdays. Running from 7pm to 9pm these will be structured training sessions aimed primarily at those players looking to play in the 1st & 2nd teams. There is an expectation that players will buy into a certain level of intensity. First session Thursday 5th January at Sutton Hall, LWC.

Wednesdays. Slightly shorter, running from 7.30pm to 9pm, these evenings will be less structured and aimed at players who prefer to hone their skills solely in the nets and more likely to be playing in the 3rd & 4th teams. First session Wednesday 4th January at Sutton Hall, LWC.

However, there is no exclusivity. If you cannot make a certain evening, you are welcome to join the alternative group session.

The U13 Girls & Women will be training on a Tuesday and the other Juniors on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Details will come out separately.

The hall costs have increased modestly so there is a modest price increase as follows:

Senior Training (Thursday) £80

Senior Training (Wednesday) £70

Ladies or Juniors (Wed or Thurs) £40 (if they attend the ladies or junior training as well)

Seniors have the option to pay £10 per session

All fees for senior training to be collected by Slate.

There will be a couple of sessions when the hall is unavailable so please keep an eye on the club's social media posts.