Women’s 1XI vs St Cross 1XI

Women’s 1XI vs St Cross 1XI
28 Jun 2023

Match report OGCC Women’s 1XI vs St Cross 1XI

St Cross 3/237 (Barden 1/29 Downham 1/38) def OGCC 6/97 (Guyot 27 Orr 22)

We had made it to the semi final of the ECB T20 cup and were hosting St Cross at home for the game on a Monday afternoon. Nat Mitchell did the toss instead of Becky and won, choosing the have a bowl first. It was the first toss that had been won all season, so who knows what else could happen?

Billie took the new ball with Becky down the other end. A chance or two in the first couple overs and the St Cross girls were already starting to put everything that wasn’t tight on the stumps away. Billie took the first wicket of the day, with an absolute seed. Pitching at a good length and hitting middle of off stump. What a ball. St Cross were then 1/12. It took a while before we took another wicket. All credit to St Cross, because they batted really well. The hit the gaps nicely and with a quick outfield we’re able to score very quickly. Both Nats were tossed and in the end pretty much everyone on the field got at least one over to try make something happen. Becky’s gun throw got us the next wicket. A mega throw from the boundary and a direct hit on a hesitated second run. St Cross were 2/113 off about 10 overs. Katie B took the next wicket not too long after with an lbw. St Cross kept batting strongly and ended up 3/237 off 20 overs.

It was a big total to chase but with a good wicket and fast outfield, you never know what could happen. Nat squared was reunited but it was unfortunately cut short with Nat getting bowled first ball without any quick singles being run. Not exactly the reunion we hoped for and it made me quite sad but that’s okay. Princess and myself batted for a while with some fun banter out of the field. It was actually really fun out there and challenging cricket with good bowling. We found a couple gaps and ran some very fast singles before Princess was bowled by an absolute seed of a ball. Noa walked out to bat for her first time at kings street, being her first game for odiham. She looked really strong and played positive cricket with intent. She batted well until a slower ball got her lbw. KK took a couple balls to settle in and then started playing her shots and melting the ball to the boundary. I tried to premeditate reverse sweep that was not there to and I got bowled. Billie came in and not too long was out again, bringing Megan in. KK had a great innings but was caught. Charlotte and Megan finished off the innings, getting us to 97 off the 20 and quite a respectable total considering how good the bowling was.

At the end of the day, St Cross played better and won by a lot but it was a good experience for the girls and with some lessons learned we take on st cross again this Sunday in the league.