Womens 1st XI v Wessex

31 May 2023

Match report vs Wessex 1XI

Wessex 1XI 10/165 (Hartnett 3/14 James 3/19 Cook 2/32) def by OGCC 1XI (Guyot 74 Adams 32)

Hangover count: 0 (very responsible from the girls)

Total hangover count: 5

I think it’s fair to say we were all looking forward to this game in one way or another. A fiery home game against Wessex last year which we won but a loss when we played them away meant we were going to be in for a good game of cricket. Having a Mexican party complete with flags, Mexican hats and delicious paninis on Tuesday, we were back at home this week. Frogbox was set up (thanks paul, Henry and Jamie) which apparently means bad things for the women’s 1XI, so will the curse be broken? The Wessex girls turned up early and looked around our ground from the verandah, admiring the veiw I’m sure. A fresh pitch only played on yesterday gave us the home ground advantage, so when Becky lost the toss (I’m not sure when it gets to a record but that’s 0/5) and we were sent into bowl we definetly weren’t dissapointed by it.

Our favourite duo of Hanna and Billie opened the bowling. Hanna made an impact straight away bowling one of the openers. Wessex then put on a bit of a partnership. We slowly plugged away, with a couple dropped chances and close run out opportunities. We kept the chat going quite loudly, but not at the ear exploding volume of last time against Wessex. Some fielding was unorthodox, with Billie doing a very graceful slide and luring the batters into a false sense of security by nearly kneeing the ball for four before revealing her cannon arm. Madeline and Lottie both bowled tight spells but unable to make the breakthrough we needed. Just before drinks we were able to break the partnership, with charlotte bowling it and Lottie taking a great catch at mid wicket after having to make lots of ground. Wessex were then 2/96 but with the opener still in and quite set. The pitch was providing some entertainment, with our new gun keeper Mollie (who kept amazingly) getting the full force of it with some interesting bounces coming her way. We targeted the other end as wicker’s kept falling and wessex were unable to have another big partnership. A catch from Sophie at mid off gave Becky her first wicket of the day. Princess Sophia was then given the call up and nearly went into shock when Becky told her to warm up (and probably so excited she nearly exploded). I think she had about 7 or 8 names being yelled when she was bowling, including princess Sophia, Sophia the first, sophie, kazza , Karen, cook, Soph, the princess and a couple more. I reckon it confused the batter and put them off, because princess Sophia got an lbw for the next wicket. The Wessex batters kept dropping like flies as we put the pressure well and truly back on them and wouldn’t let them settle, bringing the run rate down a heap as well. Hanna, Becky and Sophie tidely cleaned up the Wessex tail, taking the next 5 wickets between them. Billie came back on with two overs to go and bowled their opened for the 10th wicket of the game. Wessex ended up 10/165 off 39.1 overs.

Teas are something we constantly look forward to. As Hope said this week, she only plays cricket for the teas and to wear zinc. Claire made a tea for the ages. It had something for everyone, even Billie who had a fun free feast and plate of teas she could actually eat. There was every type of sandwich possible, marmite and cheese twist things, home made sausage rolls and pasta. Being the creative claire that she is, she made little cupcakes that were decorated to be like a cricket ball, a delicious caramel cake and mirangues. It really was a spread we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Hope and myself opened the batting, with Wessex keeping it very tight from the start. We were going at 2/3s an over and trying to see off the opening bowlers who were bowling well. We had nearly seen off both openers when Hope had a go at a ball down leg side and was caught at square, bringing Princess Sophia in. We kept it ticking over and started to go a bit faster. A call of yes but her legs got stuck made for a tense dive but we were going well until Sophie was caught at mid off. Mollie then came into bat and we settled in here for a while, picking up more singles and finding the gaps more. The run rate had ticked up to 6s but a few big overs putting the loose balls away and we had brought it way back down again. We had drinks (which were the perfect ratio of water and squash) and kept it going. We had ran a lot of quick singles at this point and with the new rule change, thought my over enthusiastic backing up needed to stop so gave me two mankadding warnings, with a big ooooh response from the crowd and a reminder that this was a tense game of cricket. Mollie was picking the gaps nicely, especially when they stacked the mid wicket area but she still managed to guide the ball nicely along the ground through the mine field of fielders for four. Mollie was caught behind with the score 3/112, bringing Becky in. Becky was batting nicely when I stuffed up a lot. I hit one to cover and decided to take the quick single but it definetly wasn’t the right decision as she threw it to the keeper and I had run out Becky. I had messed up big time. Hanna came in and decided to tone down the running a bit, sending me back a couple times which was very fair but yet another run out at the bowlers end from a direct hit meant Hanna was out. Megan came in and had her eye in right from the start. We only needed 17 to win when the game took an unexpected turn. It was right at this point as we needed exactly 3 runs an over with the opening bowlers back on from one end and a spinner from the other. A throw from the boundary pinged off the grass and hit the bowler (who was at the stumps) right in the face. The only way to describe it was a proper clunk, as it rocketed straight into her cheek and she collapsed like a falling piano. Everyone held their breath to see if she would get up off the floor as we had no idea what it had hit. We gave her space and when she got up to go off it looked like a cricket ball had been stuck to her face. We ended up getting the runs two overs later, with Megan hitting the winning runs with a lovely boundary behind square and we got the runs with 4 overs to spare.

A strong win at home makes us 3/3 league wins in a row and gives us even more confidence going into next Sunday, where we had the third round of the t20 cup against royal Wootton basset away. Thanks to everyone that came down to support as well, we really appreciate all the love We had a packed verandah of supports and it really helped us get through the tough innings in the field and we honestly love our fave cheerleading squad. This includes most of the men’s 1XI (who asked for a special mention) and put on a post game BBQ with tunes and everything (as well as making funny comments from the boundary all game). An update on the captains face, it is not broken but just very badly bruised and swollen. A proper battle but hopefully it recovers quickly. Onto next week, yeah the girls!!!

Panini list

1. Hunters chicken 

2. Mexican paninis 

3. Chicken tikka masala 

4. Classic ham and cheese