Sherfield School

Sherfield School



Are you ready for an adventure?  You can start your Sherfield journey at any age, from 3 months to 18 years!  They combine excitement and curiosity with new ventures and learning.  Based in Hook, Hampshire, they offer plenty of boarding options as well as a day school.


The are an outstanding, all-round academic, active and creative school and offer a whole education for boys and girls from all over the world.  Having a diverse demographic of pupils in the school is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration through peer-to-peer learning and is one of the reason why Sherfield pupils enter the world well-rounded and prepared.


The school has an inclusive family feel to it and most parents will tell you how much their children have grown in confidence and progressed because of this.


So, what makes Sherfield unique?


They have an extraordinary, thriving enrichment programme.  They believe enrichment promotes employability, academic attainment and teaches pupils the skills they need to make good, informed choices.  A successful enrichment program can promote the life-skills needed for everyday life, develop "soft skills" that employers and universities look for, while also giving pupils the opportunity to fins out more about their interests and passions.


Pupils are able to choose from a wide range of activities in consultation with their parents.  There is something for everyone and most importantly, and opportunity for them to track their progress and maintain as permanent record of achievement.


Explore their website or give the Admissions team a call on 01256 884 800, to discover what makes Sherfield special.