Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities at OGCC for 2021 and Beyond!



Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club is 256 years old with over 75 senior players, 300 juniors and a healthy social membership. The club is at the heart of the local community and has a diverse membership with many members working for and running local businesses.


This offers a number of attractive sponsorship and partnership opportunities for local businesses.


In 2020 we were very lucky to have been able to agree the renewal of a number of sponsorship agreements and strike a number of new ones, this despite the Covid-19 crisis. The revenue that these agreements have bought into the club has been crucial in our survival as a club during these difficult times and we are keen grow our sponsorship base further in 2021 and are particularly keen to gain a headline senior shirt sponsor for the 2021 season.


Below you will find a number of examples of sponsorship items that we are keen to cover over the next three years, however we can design a sponsorship package specifically for your firm and your budget.


Many of the sponsorship packages can incorporate additional benefits to include: pitch side advertising, web site advertising, match day sponsorship, free clubhouse hire, free family membership and other benefits the club can bring to your business. Please ask for more details.


All sponsorship providing kit will give each member said item in 2021, with new members receiving the item on joining. All members will be compelled to wear match shirts for all matches and other items as much as is reasonably possible.






All sponsorship packages have now been extended to March 2024

Sponsorship Cost

(all costs are estimates, please call for an accurate quote)

Junior Shirts - Headline Sponsor to include many other features

Ending March 2024

£9,000 + VAT - SOLD

Senior Shirts - Headline Sponsor to include many other features

Ending March 2024

£4,500 + VAT

Senior Shirts and 2 x boundary Boards

Ending March 2024

£3,500 + VAT

Bar shirt sponsorship.

We would like to introduce a polo shirt to be worn by anyone working at the bar with a sponsors logo

Ending March 2024

£2,000 + VAT

Add £700 to include 2 x boundary boards

Ladies sponsor.

To supply shirts for ladies senior team and coloured trousers for all senior and junior ladies. Plus 2 x boundary boards.

Ending March 2024

£3,000 + VAT - SOLD

Caps for all junior players

Ending March 2024


Caps for all senior  players

Ending March 2024

£1,500 + VAT

Training Shirts for all junior players

Ending March 2024


Training Shirts for juniors in one age group

Ending March 2024

£1,700  (price varied by age group)

Training Shirts Seniors

Ending March 2024

£1,500 + VAT

Coach’s Shirts and mid layers (25)


£1,850 + VAT - SOLD

Any item of clothing for any group of people

Ending March 2024


Stumps Junior (2 sets)

Ending March 2024

£500 + VAT - SOLD

Stumps Senior 1st XI

Ending March 2024

£300 + VAT - SOLD

Stumps Senior 2nd XI

Ending March 2024

£300 + VAT - SOLD

Stumps Senior 3rd XI

Ending March 2024

£300 + VAT

2 x Pitch side Advertising  Board

Ending March 2024


Barbecue Sponsor

Ending March 2024

Lots of burgers and sausages - SOLD



If you are keen to discuss sponsorship opportunities with OGCC please contact St. John Cox on 07970 070372 or .